Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lighting Tests

[image sampling play]

[lighting test]

A rather buggy first attempt at an image sampling script. It is part of an ongoing mapping project that is simultaneously about building correlations to data and artifacts of downsampling procedures with information in parametric models. There is a half-formed idea of loneliness and mystery re-emerging in the dehumanizing play of precise and explicit data. As we build datasets that correlate and reference multiple sets of inputs and processes through assemblages of multiple integrated operations we start to experience a decreasing relation to predictability and and increasing emergence of ghosts in the machine. One of the questions is how we start to pick our way through unfamiliar landscapes that result from the critical hyperextension of human technique through digital technologies. How do we follow way-finding procedures and myths and turn these into habits to gain comfort with the unfamiliar? (mis?)recognition and habitual motions? A surpression of the strange? A luddite cordoning of a territory? To what unexpected mutations do we expose ourselves? How will we tell the story to our children decades from now?

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